Thousands of dollars in prizes!

eHacks is a hackathon that is hosted online instead of at a typical venue. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many hackathons have been cancelled or postponed. In response, we have created a virtual hackathon that aims to take the fun and competition of the hackathon experience online for programmers to enjoy from home. The event will be held from October 9-13th over the online venue of Discord.

hackathon: a design sprint-like event; often, in which computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, domain experts, and others collaborate intensively on software projects


  • The project topic is given the day of the hackathon to prevent cheating

  • A discord server will be made for everyone to communicate and act as the “venue” 

    • Enables participants to interact with other programmers, creating teams at the even

    • Allows for a flow of ideas and healthy collaboration with other participants

    • With different channeling mechanisms, we can separate the different aspects of the hackathon into specific chat areas


  • With the use of various channels in the Discord server, participants will get the chance to interact with other programmers as well as attend workshops to further their knowledge

    • Healthy competitive collaboration will take place through the open server

    • Mentors and moderators will have specific roles to ensure no harassment of any kind

    • Workshops and other events will take place throughout the hackathon in various places throughout the server



Pratim Chowdhary

Co-founder of eHacks

I am a senior in Jericho High School who is passionate about computer science and finance. I have attended many hackathons and wanted to give my fellow tech enthusiasts a chance to compete for prizes during this pandemic.

Ryan Rahman

Outreach Director

I am a senior at Jericho High School who has a great interest in STEM-related fields. By helping organize this event, I am able to give an opportunity to students to use their knowledge in STEM creatively and compete for prizes during a pandemic.

Frank Zhou

Lead Organizer

I’m a senior at Jericho High School, where I serve as the vice president of the coding club. Through VEX robotics, I have extensive Python experience. After participating and organizing multiple big-scale hackathons both online and in-person, I believe I can help eHacks run as smoothly as possible. Programming is the future and I want to share it to the world, by one step at a time, and that first step can be the eHacks hackathons. :)

Kabir Tripathi

Co-founder of eHacks

I am a programmer and currently a student in High School, interested in data science and mathematics. I have also attended many hackathons and wanted to give students the opportunity to experience all the fun and competition of a hackathon while at home during these difficult times.

Hitomi Honda

Director of Media

I am currently a senior at Jericho High School. Having recently discovered my passion for computer science, I am excited to further this interest by being involved with eHacks in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. I hope to gain both knowledge and experience collaborating with team members to organize such an impressive event.

Proudly created by Hitomi Honda ©2020 by eHacks.



 Workshop #1  



Taught by: Pratim Chowdhary

Build beautiful web applications using python and flask. Everything from basic python syntax to web request basics will be covered in this workshop. Furthermore we will go over integrating the front end HTML with a back-end program in order to build user interactive applications.

 Workshop #2  



Taught by: Koren Grishspoon

Learn the basics of Augmented Reality with the EchoAR platform. Everything from building custom imagery and models to games and interactive programs. 

 Workshop #3  



Taught by: Kabir Tripathi

Explore the SIR model for spread of epidemics by creating a basic discrete time model for the spreading, as well as compare it to the known continuous functions. Students will be able to create a visual simulation where you can investigate the effects of changing the parameters of the model.

 Workshop #4 

Intro to 


Taught by: Zane Hasnain

Learn the basics of what it means to participate in a hackathon and develop an idea to program in an allocated time period. Learning these basic skills are extremely useful to newbies in the hacking world.

 Workshop #5  

Molecular Dynamics Simulation

Taught by: Daljit Singh

Molecular dynamics simulation in python. MD is a method for simulating the interaction and movement between atoms and molecules. This involves creating a solution to the famous Newton Equations of Motion. Due to the amount of interactions being a very large number, computational methods, such as Monte Carlo simulation, are utilized to approximate the desired values.



David Bromberg

Founding Partner at Open Water Accelerator

Rohit Chowdhary

Principal Software Architect at Bottomline Technologies

Amoljit Dhaliwal

CFO and co-founder of FLEO

Alon Grinshpoon

CEO and co-founder of echoAR 

Koren Grinshpoon

COO and co-founder of echoAR

Kishan Sachdeva

Software Engineer (Machine Learning), YouTube


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